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CityLUXE Builders brings together ability and experience, innovation and integrity, quality and style. Whether it’s a new custom home, development, renovation or real estate transaction, we bring it all together to ensure that the end result is something that we will be proud of.


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Opportunity, Innovation & Experience

CityLUXE Builders was formed when Houston-area real estate investor Chad Martin and his San Diego-based financial partner Justin Pannu joined with veteran builder Brian German. Initially, the team focused on identifying opportunities in purchasing, renovating and selling existing properties. They quickly realized that their combined experience and expertise would allow them to do much more, and CityLUXE Builders was born.

When Martin and Pannu began partnering on real estate opportunities in the Houston area, they knew they needed to identify someone with vast experience and access the most talented and diligent craftsmen available in order to bring their vision to reality. Enter Brian German. German, who now serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer, has been building custom homes in Texas for more than 20 years. His background provides the company with extensive knowledge in building science, including energy consumption and home rating, design and engineering efficiencies, physical needs assessment, cost estimating and budget development, scope development, project scheduling, procurement and contract administration.

At The Intersection of Quality & Style.

Today CityLUXE Homes is involved in numerous land deals of varying scale, the design and build of multiple custom homes in upscale inner-loop neighborhoods and the development of a new residential complex. In addition, the company continues to purchase, renovate and resell existing properties when the opportunity fits their business model.

“We like to say that CityLUXE is at the intersection of Quality and Style,” says Martin, “because although we are involved in a wide variety of operations – from new custom homes and development, to renovations and real estate transactions – we always strive to work in a way that ensures the end result is something that we will be proud of.”

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